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How to identify leather sofa
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There are many types of sofas on the market, but most of them are leather styles. Leather sofas look good, but they are prone to damage when used. The following editor will briefly tell you about the identification tips of leather sofas.


1. Fabric identification

The skin of some animals can be used to make sofa fabrics. Although they are all leather, the difference in quality is very large. The surface of some leather sofas will be very loose after a long time of use, and it is easy to fall off after a long time, and it is very not durable. The main reason why the price of leather sofa is very expensive is its fabric. A good leather sofa is very bright in appearance. Excellent leather sofas are very complicated in workmanship and exquisite in design, which can show the taste of the owner.


2. Sofa wooden frame

High-quality leather sofa, its frame is made of wooden nails, and there are fixed plates on both sides. Only the leather sofa of this structure is not easy to deform. The inferior leather sofa has no wooden nails and is directly fixed together, and the firmness is extremely poor. We can put our hands on the sofa and feel the weight of the sofa. If the sofa is made of plywood, the overall frame of the sofa will be much heavier. We can also sit on the sofa to feel the elasticity of the sofa, listen to whether there is a creaking sound, and check the firmness of the sofa.


3. Look at the filler

There are many kinds of fillers for general sofas. The most common one is sponge. The higher-quality sofas use sponges with high elasticity. Some inferior sofas are made of silk, which has almost no elasticity and is of very poor quality. We can sit on the sofa and feel it. If there is a wooden frame on the sofa, it means that the elasticity of the sofa is not very good.