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How to Clean a Cloth Sofa
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Sofas are furniture that many families need. Most people like simple and pure cotton cloth sofas. However, although cloth sofas look good, it is difficult for many people to take care of them. In the process of using and maintaining cloth sofas , what problems do we need to pay attention to?

In the process of using the cloth sofa, everyone should pay attention to the following points:

1. Try to keep a gap of 1 cm between the part of the sofa against the wall and the wall.

2. The sofa should avoid the sun, and should be placed in a place without sunlight, or use tulle curtains to separate the sunlight.

3. Vacuum at least once a week, especially to remove the dust between the textile structures, and remember to clean the backrest and armrests on the cloth sofa.

4. The sofa cushion can be turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

5. If there are stains on the sofa, you can wipe it with a clean rag dampened with water. In order to prevent leaving marks, it is best to start from the periphery of the dirt.

6. All the cloth covers on the cloth sofa should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washed with water, let alone bleached.

7. If you find loose threads on the sofa, don't break them with your hands. The best way is to cut the threads flat with scissors.

8. Most of the sofas sold in the market are detachable. They can directly remove the cloth cover. After cleaning, put it back on the sofa. When purchasing a sofa, you can check whether the sofa cover is not covered. Can be disassembled.

The cloth sofa can be cleaned directly. The upper cloth cover can be cleaned in the washing machine, and the larger cotton cloth or linen cloth should be taken to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Note that if the sheath is cotton, do not iron it!