About us

Mofang: Positioned in the mid-to-high-end market, it attaches great importance to the experience of young consumers and the aesthetic needs of the public. Through a professional R&D and design team, it creates a personalized brand with artistry, originality and comfort. The unique line design of Mofang products, harmonious color matching, simple and fashionable modeling elements, and the perfect combination of point and surface lines show a fashionable, leisurely and comfortable new way of life.
Mofang ——the “Moro” sample of the ideal life. Excellent quality, quality life, shared by human beings. Our mission is to provide people with green, environmentally friendly, safe and healthy household items, make every home more fashionable, elegant and warm, so that people have a deeper experience of home culture, and at the same time because home makes you fall in love with home more , fall in love with life!

Its two major brands: Mofang, Woya International

Foshan Daoshi Furniture Co., Ltd. ——Mofang; is located in Longjiang, Shunde, which enjoys the reputation of "China's furniture manufacturing town" and "China's furniture material capital". After years of hard work and development and continuous resource integration, Dow Furniture Co., Ltd. has now become a professional overall home furnishing company integrating R&D, production and sales; its brands include "Woya International" minimalist series, "Mofang" Simple luxury series, products cover living room, dining room, bedroom, high-end customization, etc.

Our mission
Fall in love with home and life
Fall in love with home and life